5 Use Cases of AI in Customer Service

Maxwell Timothy

Maxwell Timothy

on Mar 1, 2024

11 min read

Artificial intelligence is making massive inroads into the world of business. It is rapidly establishing a foothold in business operations like marketing and advertising, as well as sales and customer support. While other areas of business operations still heavily require the use of traditional ways of doing things, customer support is one area where artificial intelligence is proving to be the way forward.

Thousands of forward-thinking, efficiency-focused businesses are already adopting AI in their customer support operations. If your business is not taking advantage of the power of AI, you are missing out. If as a business owner, you’re hesitating to adopt AI for your customer service needs because you doubt its value, your skepticism is understandable. However, AI has a long list of positives to offer your customer support team. Here are some of the most important ways your business can take advantage of AI in customer service operations.

1. 24/7 Support

Artificial intelligence has become one of the fastest-growing technologies in customer service, largely due to its capability to operate with a high degree of autonomy. AI-powered tools can address customer issues, queries, and requests with minimal need for human intervention. This allows businesses to keep their customer support operations active on a continuous 24/7 basis, even during late nights, weekends, and holidays when regular human customer service agents are typically unavailable.

The always-on nature of AI support is quite important in today's highly demanding, instant-gratification business landscape. Customers expect businesses to be accessible around the clock across channels to resolve problems when they arise. AI-powered chatbots represent a fix for the need for a seamless, no-downtime customer support experience.

Consider this scenario: a customer reaches out for support on a health-related gadget purchased from your company, but it's 2:00 AM and your human support staff are likely unavailable. If using that gadget is critical for a patient in an emergency, not having available assistance could literally be life-threatening.

However, an AI support tool trained on all the details of your products could step in to help the customer–turning a dire situation into a 5-star experience for your business. This is just one example; there are countless ways 24/7 AI-powered support could be indispensable for customer satisfaction and the success of your company. Whether it's late nights, weekends, or holidays, AI allows you to be there for customers anytime they need help. The implications are immense–faster resolutions, fewer abandoned carts, and higher loyalty.

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2. Personalized Support

Another interesting use case of AI in customer service is for personalizing support experiences for customers. A one-size-fits-all approach may not always work for your customers. Every customer has unique preferences and needs, and companies that recognize and respond to those preferences can easily turn one-time buyers into lifelong fans.

Yes, personalization is that important. If you’re wondering why, think of this. A customer wants to order pizza for a family of four and reaches out to the pizza shop online to order. Mentioning the need for pizza to feed four people, human agents would likely start thinking in the direction of size—an extra large pizza. Maybe the agent even asks what toppings the customer would like to add and that’s it.

That is an “okay” service. Even if the human agent knows a few extra questions to ask to make the order more personalized, they might not have the mental bandwidth or the time to do that, because there are probably other customers on the cue. But AI chatbots do not have those limitations and have all the time in the world because they can handle hundreds of customers at the same time.

They also have the bandwidth—an AI support tool like an AI chatbot could be trained to ask more questions to help personalize others. In this case, personalize orders that could help the pizza shop make a pizza that’s best for every member of the family of four. For example, a trained AI chatbot might say:

"Would you like to customize your pizza with different toppings on each half to cater to various tastes? Also, do you have any dietary restrictions or preferences we should consider, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free options, or any allergies? Finally, would you prefer a traditional, thin crust, or a deep-dish style for your family?"

This approach not only addresses the immediate need (a pizza for four) but also delves into personal preferences and dietary requirements, ensuring that the pizza shop can provide a meal that pleases all family members, potentially enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Once again, it's not that human agents can not do this, they may not just have the time and patience to go through such details for hundreds of customers—AI-powered automation tools on the other hand can afford the time and patience.

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3. Harnessing Customer Data

Data is the lifeblood of any successful business. Without accurate insights into customer behavior and preferences, companies are flying blind, unable to make sound strategic decisions. What products are customers buying? What do they like or dislike about your offerings? How can you improve the customer experience? The answers lie in collecting and analyzing customer data.

While surveys, forms, and call centers have traditionally gathered this information, AI-powered chatbots are emerging as a superior method. Integrating conversational bots into the customer journey enables natural, engaging dialogues that provide a wealth of data. Rather than bluntly asking customers to fill out tedious forms, bots can subtly probe for feedback during friendly back-and-forth interactions. The AI then derives insights from these real conversations that reveal true customer sentiments, values, and desires.

The implications are enormous. With AI-driven data collection, companies gain an intimate understanding of the customer. They can fine-tune products and services to match individual preferences. They can identify pain points in the customer journey and enhance experiences. They can segment audiences and personalize engagements. And with bots gathering data 24/7, insights are continual and scalable across global audiences.

In today's ultra-competitive, customer-centric business environment, data is the key to standing out. AI-powered chatbots represent a powerful new tool for organizations to build knowledge of what makes their customers tick–and use it to deliver exactly what they want.

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4. Scaling Multilingual Support

In today's digital, globalized business environment, the ability to serve customers in multiple languages is critical for any business looking to snap up global customers. However, hiring and managing large teams of human representatives fluent in multiple languages is expensive and logistically challenging. This is where artificial intelligence can play a role in the form of AI chatbots.

By deploying conversational AI chatbots that can converse in different languages, companies can offer seamless, personalized support to customers around the world, in their native tongue. The implications are far-reaching. Companies can expand into new geographical markets faster and more affordably, without the high costs of large multilingual human teams.

Customers want to engage with brands in their own linguistic and cultural context. AI chatbots enable organizations to cost-effectively deliver the multilanguage, personalized support today's global consumers expect while building meaningful relationships that transcend borders.

Chatbase chatbots can hold conversations flawlessly with your customers in several dozen languages. Beyond English, Chatbase can engage your customers in languages like Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, French, Filipino and several others.

5. Boost the Productivity of Customer Support Agents

While AI is lauded for enabling autonomous self-service, one of its most valuable applications in customer service is actually augmenting human agents. When thoughtfully implemented, AI can work hand-in-hand with support teams to supercharge their productivity, efficiency, and knowledge.

For example, AI chatbots can handle routine inquiries, freeing up agents to focus on solving more complex issues requiring human nuance and empathy. Also, during those support sessions where customers are faced with a complex problem, AI chatbots can provide agents with relevant information and suggestions in real-time to improve the resolution rates of customer support requests. They can uncover crucial insights from the information that customers provide in a way that might not be possible for human agents to do.

This helps agents resolve customer issues faster, leading to higher satisfaction. With AI-powered tools, human agents can focus on the aspects of their work that require deep human participation like building relationships.

The most effective customer service leverages the complementary strengths of both AI and human talent. Far from replacing agents, AI elevates them to do what they do best—show compassion, creativity, and strategic thinking while letting AI do the heavy lifting in areas that are better left for computers.

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