Conversational AI Examples: 9 Best Chatbot Use Cases Every Business Should Try

Maxwell Timothy

Maxwell Timothy

on Dec 31, 2023

10 min read

Conversational AI chatbots have had an instant impact across several industries since their resurgence in late 2022. Small, medium, and large-scale businesses that have adopted AI chatbots in their business operations have benefited immensely, either through improved efficiency, lower operating costs, or improved customer satisfaction.

Although businesses can gain a lot from integrating AI chatbots into their business workflow, a lot of businesses are still not sure how AI chatbots can fit into their business operations. We've put together 9 practical use cases for AI chatbots in business you can adopt right now.

1. Internal Knowledge Base

Running a successful business is like running a complex machine. Employees need to have a deep, intricate knowledge of all the moving parts relevant to their roles to do their jobs effectively. A chatbot can serve as a reliable knowledge base for employees by providing 24/7 access to the information they need on all aspects of the business. Sure, you could build a wiki page for your business where employees browse whenever they need information.

However, it's probably never going to be as efficient as a chatbot. With AI chatbots, employees aren't just going to be reading through some wiki page, they'll be able to have natural conversations on the topic they want to know about and even get to ask clarifying questions whenever things aren't clear enough. The answers your employees will get is going to be a perfect blend of general knowledge of the subject area and the specifics as it relates to your unique business operation.

2. Customer Onboarding

You've gone through the tedious process of building a product that's worth using. However, there's a good chance that you could be alienating your customers because they can't understand how to use your products or how to get things done on, say, your app or website. An AI chatbot can help fill this knowledge gap. Once you've trained your AI chatbot on your products and services, you can deploy it as a 24/7 onboarding tool your customers can rely on whenever they start using your products and services. It can also subsequently serve as a reliable troubleshooting tool whenever your customers run into a problem while using your product.

3. Customer Feedback Collection

No one knows what they love or hate about your business better than your customers. That is precisely why getting their feedback is a very important part of your business operations. Maybe they think your customer support service is too slow, your business refund process is too complicated, or maybe they'd love to see more color variety in your products. But how are you going to know all these if there isn't an effective feedback process in place?

Sure, you create a questionnaire or form on your website to collect feedback. But how many times have you skipped those long unwieldy customer feedback forms on other businesses' websites? How about those annoying popup surveys? AI Chatbots can effortlessly get customer feedback on your business, through intelligent conversations or even without explicitly asking for them. You can simply go to the chatbot's backend, download transcripts of conversations regarding your products, and perform a sentiment analysis on what your customers think.

4. Marketing

It might seem a bit unconventional, but AI chatbots can be a very effective marketing tool for your business if you use it the right way. It is an innovative way to subtly push a potential customer into taking action like subscribing to a service, buying a product, or opting into a business program. They're quite effective and unique in that they can get people to take actions that are beneficial to your business without appearing pushy or as if you're actively trying to sell them something.

Since AI chatbots are conversational tools, they engage in intelligent conversations, learning about the customer and waiting for the right signals or conditions to chip in a product or service that would work for them. Based on what they learn about the customer, they'll be able to not just push them towards committing to a purchase, but also tell them why a product would work for them and how it would help them.

5. Product Recommendation

Another interesting use case for AI chatbots in business is for product recommendations. You can set up an AI chatbot that has conversations to learn about your customer preferences and recommends a product you offer that meets their needs. It's like giving your customers their own personal shopping assistant who's an expert on your products, always ready to help them make the best product decision based on their expert knowledge of your products and services.

6. Lead Generation

So, you are getting lots of inquiries from potential customers but not able to convert? Chatbots can help you build an effective business pipeline from inquiries to conversion through automated lead generation. Those long forms on your sites asking for emails and contact information can do their bit, but a lot of people will simply ignore them.

AI chatbots can engage potential customers in a conversational and non-intrusive way, and get their details so you can follow them up with personalized offers. Through conversations, the chatbots will be able to learn more about your leads, giving you enough information to send them offers that are truly tailored to their needs and which they're more likely to accept. Lead generation is an incredible use case for AI chatbots in business you should embrace today.

7. Business Data Analysis

Besides customer-facing use cases for AI chatbots, there are several other ways you can deploy AI chatbots internally to support your business operations. Business data analysis is one such way. AI chatbots might not seem like the best tool for analyzing your business data, but when deployed intentionally, they can perform the role admirably.

AI chatbots, especially those powered by state-of-the-art AI models like OpenAI's GPT-4 can help you make sense of your business data. All those sales data, customer complaints, positive feedback, poll results, internal memos, and minutes of meetings—AI chatbots deployed internally and trained with your business data can help you connect the dots and paint a holistic view of your business operations, and give you the much-needed insights to make informed business decisions.

8. Business Automation

Another internal use case for AI chatbots is for automating business operations. Of course, conversational AI chatbots aren't going to run your machines, make deliveries, or manufacture your products, but there are certainly a lot of your business operations you can automate with AI chatbots. Once you've trained these chatbots with your business data, you can get them to take on specialized roles within your company.

Think of all those documents; internal memos, emails, contract drafts, agreements, and so forth that follow your company's unique template. You can train your chatbot on them, and then go ahead to automate the whole process of creating documents, or at least some part of the process. Apart from creating documents, there’s a long list of internal tasks that you can get your chatbot to automate. Take a closer look at your business operations and you'll be able to identify tasks that can be automated with AI chatbots.

9. Talent Recruitment

The backbone of every business is its workforce. Hire great people and your business will thrive. Hire the wrong people and your business struggles. This is why recruitment is a very delicate process that has to be handled with care. While AI chatbots cannot replace human recruiters, they can certainly make their jobs easier. The process of selecting the right candidates to move forward to the next stages of recruitment can be tedious and time-consuming. A good AI chatbot can handle a huge chunk of the recruitment process, freeing up your recruiters to handle more complex tasks requiring human judgment.

AI chatbots can handle the job of screening resumes, finding qualified candidates, and then pushing them to human recruiters for more in-depth screening. You can train the chatbots to learn about each candidate and ask them targeted questions that will help your recruiters make the right decision. More so, AI chatbots can handle a significantly larger number of candidates than human recruiters can screen and at a significantly faster rate.

The Best Conversational AI Chatbots

Conversational AI chatbots are fast becoming a game-changer for businesses. They're helping companies cut labor costs, automate repetitive tasks, simplify complex processes, and drive efficiency. If you're not already integrating AI chatbots into your business operations, you could be missing out on a lot of practical benefits.

If you wish to give conversational AI chatbots a try, you can start by adopting any of the use cases we've discussed. But then, which AI chatbot platform can help you implement some or all of these use cases efficiently?

There are a lot of AI chatbots in the market to choose from. You'll find those purpose-built for specific tasks and those versatile enough to take on and excel at most business use cases. One of the best AI chatbots for business you can get your hands on is Chatbase.

Chatbase is a powerful AI chatbot platform that can help you effortlessly create and deploy AI chatbots for a wide range of business needs. It is versatile, user-friendly, and packed with powerful features that can help you build and deploy powerful chatbots for different use cases in your business. Here are some reasons you should choose Chatbase:

  • Engage Customers with Intelligent Conversations

Chatbase is powered by state-of-the-art AI to handle natural conversations and complex questions. Provide personalized recommendations, exclusive deals, and proactive support.

  • Available Anytime, Anywhere

Meet customers where they are by integrating Chatbase across channels - website, messaging apps, mobile. Your business is always available, even after hours.

  • Bolster Your Brand with Multilingual Support

Bridge language and cultural barriers. Chatbase allows you to engage diverse customers worldwide in their preferred language. Boost loyalty by making global customers feel valued.

  • Robust Security for Total Peace of Mind

User data stays completely protected behind Chatbase's enterprise-grade security infrastructure. Customers can rest assured their information is secure.

  • Proven ROI for Companies of All Sizes

An affordable pricing structure packed with capabilities makes Chatbase accessible for any budget. Plus a free trial lets you test before buying. Drive efficiency, boost satisfaction, and increase sales.

Join leading companies using Chatbase to revolutionize their businesses. Be where your customers are–anytime, anywhere.

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