Introducing Team Accounts
Yasser Elsaid

20 May 2024

Introducing Team Accounts

We are thrilled to announce the release of Team Accounts on Chatbase! This new feature allows you to invite other members to collaborate with you on building AI chatbots, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration: With Team Accounts, you can invite other members to work together on chatbot projects.

Flexible Team Management: Create new teams and be a member of multiple teams. This flexibility allows you to manage different projects and collaborations efficiently.

Separate Resources: Each team will have its own chatbots, billing, plans, and members. This ensures that resources are organized and managed independently for each team.

Clear Role Differentiation: There are distinct roles within a team – Owners and Members. Owners can change team settings, including billing info, plans, and team name, and can delete the team. They can also manage all the chatbots within the team. Members can ONLY manage the chatbots. This includes update training data, see analytics, and delete chatbots, but they cannot alter team settings.

Personal Accounts Transition to Team Accounts: Personal accounts on Chatbase have now become Team Accounts. You can change the generated name of your account and modify any settings to suit your preferences.

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