Custom ChatGPT for your data

Just upload your documents or add a link to your website and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your data. Then add it as a widget to your website or chat with it through the API.

Video Demo

Creating a chatbot for Product Hunt by crawling the website and training the AI on its content. I can then embed the chatbot on the website!

Live Demo

This chatbot was trained on a document explaining Chatbase

You can embed a widget like this on any page on your website!

Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What is Chatbase?

      Chatbase is an AI chatbot builder, it trains ChatGPT on your data and lets you add a chat widget to your website. Just upload a document or add a link to your website and get a chatbot that can answer any question about their content.

    • What should my data look like?

      Currently, you can upload one or multiple files (.pdf, .txt, .doc, .docx), paste text, or add a link to your website to be scraped.

    • Can I give my chatbots instructions?

      Yes, you can edit the base prompt and give your chatbot a name, personality traits and instructions on how to answer questions ex. (only answer in French).

    • Where is my data stored?

      The content of the document is hosted on secure GCP/AWS servers in us-east.

    • Does it use GPT-3.5 or GPT-4?

      By default your chatbot uses gpt-3.5-turbo (but you have the option to use gpt-4 on the Standard and Unlimited plans .

    • How can I add my chatbot to my website?

      You can embed an iframe or add a chat bubble to the bottom right of your website. To do that, create a chatbot and click "Embed on website". You can also use the API to communicate with your chatbot anywhere!

    • Does it support other languages?

      Yes, Chatbase supports about 95 languages. You can have your sources in any language and ask it questions in any language.

    • Can I share a chatbot I created?

      Yes, by default any chatbot you create is private but you can change the setting to make it public and send it to anyone.

What people say about Chatbase

“This is awesome”

Jacob Andreou
SVP @Snap

“Another overpowered project built with the 🪄 OP stack”

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VP @pinecone

“This is awesome, thanks for building it!”

Dev Rel @OpenAI

“Website embed works like a charm even with non-English content!”

Bence ☺︎ ☻
Designer @Nortal